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Cosmetic Tattoo

Imagine waking up with the perfect brows every morning, going swimming and not losing them in the water or exercising and not sweating off all the hard work you did drawing them on.  

Micro-pigmentation is the best thing you can do to achieve your brow dreams. This technique is the most gentle option of cosmetic tattooing for the brows, heals well and ages beautifully with no funky colours. Micro-pigmentation creates a soft shadowing through the brow to make them appear fuller and more balanced, essentially mimicking how you like your brows filled but still looking natural.  

We are very conscious of your safety at BROW THEORY and use only disposable needles and the highest of hygiene standards. There can be reasons you can not get this treatment such as being pregnant, breastfeeding and medical concerns. This is why we have a compulsory consultation, we check that you are ok to get cosmetic tattooing with a thorough medial check, do a patch test and a brow sculpt and tint. This gives you the chance to ask any questions, design the perfect shape and the colour of your new brows. 

Micro-pigmentation Consultation $50

Standard Session $355

Perfecting Session $135

Annual Touch up $280

(within 12 months)

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