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Micro pigmentation 


What is Micro pigmentation? 


Micro pigmentation is a semi permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure. The final outcome is a soft shadowing with an ombre effect at the beginnings of the brows. Depending on what you prefer its possible to build up the depth on the 2nd session, its easier to add than go to dark. On average at its best it can last 18-24 months before you need to come in for a touch up. 


What happens in a consult and why do I need it?


We believe consults are crucial to any cosmetic tattooing procedure.  Let's be honest, it's a semi permanent procedure ON YOUR FACE, you want to know what's going to happen, have a chance to ask any questions, and feel comfortable that your technician understands what you are hoping to achieve.  At each consult we go through a medical check to make sure it's an appropriate procedure for you, and if needed make recommendations to implement prior to your first appointment.  We also do brow shaping, a mock brow design, and patch test.  You will leave feeling excited and confident for your upcoming session!


Can we do a consult and first session in the same visit?


Unfortunately not.  Every client needs to have a patch test done at least 24hrs prior to their first appointment.  For clients travelling from outside of Auckland, please give us a call to discuss alternative patch test options for you. 


How many appointments are needed?


After the initial consult, you will need to come back for two sessions 6 weeks apart.  Approx 10% of clients need to come back for a third perfecting session, but for the average client it would be excessive to their needs.


Do you reuse your tools?


No!  All our needles are single use, sterile packed and disposable.  Anything that is reused such as callipers for measuring which are used before the skin is broken are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before each client. 


Do you pre-numb? 


We do not pre-numb!  There are several reasons we choose not to numb prior to starting your brow feathering.  Numbing cream contains a fair percentage of water, and when that's left on the skin for 20, 40, 60 mins, that water is absorbed into the skin leaving it with a "squishy" texture.  This makes it very difficult to find the proper depth or "sweet spot" in which to implant the pigment.  That over saturated skin also starts to push the pigment out, which means colour doesn't hold as well.  Lastly, pre-numbing has usually already started to wear off by the time your shape is drawn up, and clients who have had both pre-numbing and no pre-numbing say they don't really notice a difference.  So instead we choose to have the first thing that hits the skin be the pigment, at the correct depth, resulting in beautifully healed brows! Being prepared and feeling comfortable with your treatment, and what the process is, all helps clients feel relaxed about the procedure, also reducing the need to numb.  The benefits to not numbing in advance certainly make it worthwhile!  But we do use a numbing gel once the skin is broken, at which point it acts almost instantly with no above concerns. 


Does it hurt? 


Micro pigmentation is a tattoo, so the skin is broken in the process to allow the pigment to be implanted.  There will always be a slight discomfort when that happens.  Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but we find if you can relax into the process it goes much smoother.  You are welcome to bring along some headphones and relax if you feel that may help. Also remember once the skin is broken we can then use a numbing gel if you would like. 




After your consult, if you decide to go forward with making a booking we do take a $100 deposit.  Given the length of the appointment time needed (2.5hrs for the first and 2hrs for the second) deposits for these appointments are not refunded if cancelled or changed less than a week in advance. 

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