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Ditch your brow pencil with this semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. It's the best step for your dream brows.

henna brows

The all natural, longer lasting tint. Henna tints you skin as well as the hairs, say hello to perfect brows with this popular treatment.


Take your brows to the fluffy and bold side of life. For any hard to style brows Lamination is perfect to create the brows you need.

lash lift

Lash Lifts are the perfect enhancement for your natural lashes, make them reach the sky!

brow sculpt

A Brow Sculpt is the perfect starter treatment, every persons brows are their own and we measure and plan to make yours perfect.

brow tint

The Brow Sculpts best friend, Brow tints can make any brow looker fuller.

5 Huron Street Takapuna Auckland New Zealand

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5 Huron Street Takapuna Auckland New Zealand

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